LinkedIn Marketing Services

Build your business and personal brand with LinkedIn & AI.

Build your business and personal brand

with LinkedIn & AI.

Get LinkedIn Ghostwriting

Done for You

Why LinkedIn?

Because Twitter sucks, Instagram is fake, Facebook is for retired people and YouTube is way too much effort. Well and LinkedIn is where people with money hang out who don't want to waste time having "fun" on social media.

How do your "LinkedIn Done for You" services work?

It's pretty straightforward really.

Welcome to async ghostwriting with no approvals. Yes that's right, we research and write your content so you don't have to think about it or waste time on it.

Here's the breakdown...

Our job:

Write great content.
Create stunning visuals (graphics)
Strategically grow your account and build social proof.

Your job:

Be active in the DMs.
Have an offer people want.
Understand organic social takes time.

Apply to work with me and join the waitlist.


I understand this style may not be a good fit for you. If you'd like a referral feel free to message me on Linkedin and I can refer you to someone who does more of a "done with you" approach to LinkedIn marketing.

How much are your services?

I only work with a couple founders at a time.


I don't outsource the writing to interns. I do it all myself.

Packages start at $4500 monthly.

All packages include a 4-month retainer (5% off with a 6-month commitment).

Do you use AI to write content for me?

Yes. I use AI to write everything, including my own content which has helped me grow to 160k followers and earn plenty of coin.

Don't like it?

Then buy my AI course and write for yourself!


30 N Gould St Ste R Sheridan Wyoming 82801

\[email protected]

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